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During the school year Nurse Cathy is available each day from 7:45 – 3:30. She is here until 4:15 on days with after school activities.

lowvision2VISION SCREENINGS This year all students in the elementary school will have a vision screening. The screenings will be done by Kids Vision for Life through Crown Vision. If your child fails the initial screening you must sign the consent form that Crown will send home so they can be rescreened and fitted for glasses if needed.  If you have no insurance your child will receive free glasses. Crown also works with MOHealthNet and you will have no out of pocket expense. If you have private insurance Crown will work with your insurance as well if you so desire. Within a few weeks of the rescreen Crown will bring your child’s glasses to the school. This is an amazing program and we are so excited to be able to participate.  You do not have to take off work and find transportation to the eye doctor or even go pick up glasses!

HEARING SCREENINGS Each year students in Kindergarten, grades 1, 3, 5, and all students new to the district are screened for hearing acuity. This is done by the Special School District hearing screening team. If your child shows any difficulty with the tones, she/he is rechecked by the team leader. I will screen absentees and rescreen any failures.

If your child still experiences difficulty, I will notify you. Many times when children are fighting a cold or an ear infection, they experience difficulty hearing. As the symptoms resolve, hearing may improve. For a thorough evaluation of your childs hearing; contact Special School District Audiology Department.  If you prefer, you may contact your family health care professional.

During the school year, parents or teachers may request screening for suspected hearing loss. Please make sure the nurse/teacher knows if your child has a known hearing problem.If you have questions, give me a call at 314-544-1300 ext 109.


comp mouseMonitor your child’s nurse office visits on Parent Portal under the “Other” tab. Choose “Clinic Log” in the drop down box and you can see how often they visit as well as why and what treatment was given. If you ever have questions concerning your child’s health please contact the school nurse at 314-544-1300 ext 109 or

ASTHMA – All students with asthma must have an action plan on file. Your doctor may have a form in his office or you can print the form below and take it to the doctors office. Some students are allowed to carry their inhaler with them but we must have the permission form on file and the student must demonstrate they know how to use the inhaler properly.
Asthma Action Plan
Inhaler Right to Carry

HANCOCK HEALTH CLINIC – The Health Clinic is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 1PM – 4PM. The clinic is closed the month of July. Walk-ins welcome. All residents in the Hancock district are eligible. Click on Health Clinic above for more details.

HEALTH INFORMATION – It is imperative each student have a signed health information and over the counter medication form on file. This information allows us to keep your child healthy and safe at school. We do need a new one each school year as health information can change frequently.Student Health and Over the Counter Med Form

bee wise immunizeIMMUNIZATIONS –All students must be up to date with current records on file by the first day of school. If we do not get the up to date records your child will not be allowed to attend school. Thank you for your prompt response and your continued interest in keeping our school free of communicable disease! Every time your child receives immunizations please bring a copy of the updated record to school or ask your health care provider to fax the records to the school at 314-544-4931. Please note attention nurse.
Immunization Requirements from the US Department of Health

medicine clip artMEDICATION – Students are NOT allowed to carry medication to or from school including refills. If your child needs medicine during the school day a parent/guardian must bring the medication to school and have a medication permission form on file. Students are allowed to carry cough drops but please instruct them not to share with other students. Med Permission

A282-Food-Allergy-Epipen ID-BandsLIFE THREATENING ALLERGY – If your child has an allergy and requires an EpiPen we must have an allergy action plan on file. Your doctor may have a form in his/her office or you can print the form below and take it to the doctors office. You need to provide the school nurse with a 2 pack EpiPen for your child. One of the EpiPens will stay in the nurses office and the other will stay in your child’s classroom. Our Encore class teachers also have EpiPens available. We look forward to working together to keep your child safe at school.
Allergy Action Plan

SEIZURES – All students with seizures must have a seizure action plan on file. Your doctor may have a form in his office or you can print the form below and take it to the doctors office.
Seizure Action Plan

healthy children learn betterOTHER COMMON HEALTH CONCERNS
To Go Or Not To Go
Fever Guidelines
Flip Flops Are Not A Safe Choice!
Pinkeye Guidelines


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